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  • Winning with People: The Art of Positive...



    In the intricate tapestry of human relationships, the ability to connect, collaborate, and communicate effectively is paramount. Winning with people goes beyond mere social interaction; it encapsulates the art of fostering meaningful connections...

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  • Alpha Vs Sigma Males


    The terms "sigma males" and "alpha males" are often used in discussions about social dominance and personality types, especially within the context of social dynamics and hierarchies. It's important to note that these concepts are not universally agreed upon and are often oversimplified...

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  • January 31st

    In January's icy grip we find,

    A month of endings, gentle and kind.

    The year's first chapter bids adieu,

    As winter's chill begins to subdue.


    Frost-kissed mornings, a silent hush,

    Nature sleeps in a tranquil blush.

    The days grow longer, yet shadows...

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  • To Be or Not to Be.

    In my existence, I ponder and dwell,

    To be or not to be, in this life's swirling swell.

    Like waves upon the shore, we ebb and we flow,

    In the grand cosmic dance, we find our own glow.


    To be, like a star, in the velvet night's sky,

    To twinkle and shimmer,...

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  • And I said to myself

    And I said to myself, in the quiet of the night,

    As stars above me shimmered, casting their soft light,

    "What purpose do I serve in this vast, endless sea?

    Am I but a whisper, a fleeting moment's plea?"


    In the depths of my soul, I sought to find the way,


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  • Join Poetry Farm and Earn Money for Your...

    Here's a short guide on how to join poetryfarm.co.ke and start earning money for sharing your poems:

    Section 1: Getting Started


    1. Overview of Poetry Farm and its mission
    2. Why join Poetry Farm: Benefits of earning...

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  • Culture

    In lands where sun-kissed savannas sprawl,

    A tapestry of stories, rich and tall,

    African culture, vibrant and true,

    A treasure trove of hues in every hue.


    From Sahara's dunes to the Congo's heart,

    A symphony of rhythms that never depart,


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  • The Purest Display of Care: The Transformative...

    Anger is the purest display of care,

    A tempest brewing within, bold and rare.

    In its fiery depths, passion takes its flight,

    Fueling emotions, igniting the darkest night.


    Like lightning dancing across the stormy sky,

    Anger crackles, demanding to be...

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  • Eid Ul Adha: A Celebration of Sacrifice...

    In the kingdom of faith, a joyous day unfolds,

    Eid Ul Adha, a tale of courage and devotion it holds.

    A sacred celebration, cherished and revered,

    A festival of sacrifice, in hearts and souls endeared.


    As the crescent moon graces the darkened sky,


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  • Wordless Symphony - Body Language

    In the realm where words fall short,

    Where silence weaves its subtle fort,

    There lies a language unspoken, untamed,

    A dance of bodies, a poetry unnamed.


    With a tilt of the head, a knowing glance,

    Eyes that meet, in a secret trance,

    A connection...

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