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  • Exploring the Poetic Tapestry: A Journey...

    Here is a list of the 10 top themes and Emotions at Poetry Farm.

    1. Love: Explore the depths of human emotions with poems that celebrate the beauty and complexities of love.


    1. Nature:...

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  • The Girl Next Door....

    In a world of wonder and dreams,

    Where the sun shines through the trees,

    There's a girl with laughter in her eyes,

    A secret longing hidden inside.


    She walks with grace, a gentle stride,

    The girl next door, so full of life.

    Her smile brightens...

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  • A Message to Younger Me.

    In the tapestry of my memories,

    There's a chapter that unfolds,

    A tale of a younger me,

    A vibrant spirit, yet untold.


    At twenty-four, in hues of ebony,

    I stood tall, a black man's pride,

    With dreams swirling through my soul,

    In the depths...

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  • Listen, Young Man; A Poem.

    Listen, young man, to the words I impart,

    A symphony of wisdom, straight from the heart,

    In this poetic journey, I'll be your guide,

    Through verses that reflect life's ebb and tide.


    "Listen, young man," the title commands,

    An invitation to grasp life's...

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  • Exquisite Splendor: Celebrating the Beauty...

    In lands where the sun sets ablaze,

    Resides a beauty that sets hearts ablaze,

    An African woman, a marvel to behold,

    A story of grace and strength untold.


    Her skin, kissed by the golden sun's embrace,

    Radiates a glow, a celestial grace,

    A tapestry...

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  • Dear Black Man!! A poem.

    In the kingdom where words take flight,

    Let me weave a tale, bold and bright,

    Of a tall and mighty figure, so strong,

    A young man, whose spirit echoes a song.


    His presence commands attention, no doubt,

    A towering stature, like a mountain devout,


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  • 10 funniest Roses are Red poems

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    'm not a poet,


    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    I thought I was ugly,

    Until I met you.

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    I'm not good at poems,



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  • Kaleidoscope of Kenya: A Tapestry of Beauty

    In Kenya's realm, where beauty dwells,

    A land of wonders, where nature swells.

    From golden savannahs to azure coast,

    A tapestry of splendor, admired the most.


    Beneath the equatorial sun's warm embrace,

    Kenya's beauty unfolds with elegance and grace.


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  • Belly Laughs and Best Friends: 10 Hilarious...

    1. Friends Forever

    We laugh, we cry,

    We share our fries.

    Through thick and thin,

    Our friendship will never die!


    1. Friend-tastic

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  • Everlasting Love: 10 Heartfelt Anniversary...

    Today we celebrate the love we share,

    An anniversary that shows how much we care.

    Through ups and downs, we've stayed side by side,

    With a love that grows, we can't hide.

    Another year has swiftly...

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