The Girl of My Dream

The Girl of My Dream

Well, in my dreams, where love does reside,

There exists a vision, my heart can't hide.

A muse of enchantment, a heavenly theme,

She is the girl, the girl of my dreams.


Her eyes are like stars, twinkling so bright,

Reflecting the galaxies, filling my night.

With each glance, a universe unfolds,

A love story written, waiting to be told.


Her smile, oh her smile, a radiant ray,

Melting my heart, brightening my day.

It dances like sunshine on fields of gold,

Igniting my spirit, making me bold.


Her laughter, a melody, sweet and true,

A symphony that sets my soul anew.

It paints the sky with vibrant hues,

Filling my world with blissful views.


Her touch, a gentle caress, so tender,

A gentle breeze, a spark of surrender.

In her embrace, I find solace and peace,

A sanctuary where my worries cease.


Her voice, like poetry, whispers divine,

A soothing melody, a love's design.

Every word, a symphony of affection,

Drawing me closer, igniting connection.


She's the girl of my dreams, my heart's desire,

A love so pure, it sets my soul on fire.

Her presence, a blessing, a gift from above,

An embodiment of grace, of endless love.


With her, the stars align, the moonlight gleams,

She is the girl, the girl of my dreams.

In this vast universe, she's my shining star,

The one who completes me, no matter how far.


So, in my heart, I'll forever hold,

The love I have for her, a story untold.

For she's the girl who makes my heart gleam,

The girl of my dreams, my eternal dream.

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