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  • For so many reasons, I loved you,

    For so many reasons, I loved you,
    And for so many more, I achingly hate you.

    I loved you for your charming smile,
    For the way your laughter danced in the air.
    But now, I bear the...

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  • Time Travel.

    Today, I tripped on an old photograph and fell into my past,
    My youth was hard to recognize but not impossible,
    I could make out the warmth that was lost to the winter of adulthood, the softness lost to the rough touches of time,

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  • Old Love

    Back to worlds when love was pure,
    I wish to journey there to share it with you.

    Our eyes would meet through your delicate fabric veil,
    Before spoken words, language of smiles would prevail.
    Each glimpse of you, I'd cradle...

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  • Let's run away

    Baby, let's run away 

    The guy you love is not in love with you, yes, you heard it right.

    Maybe it's all just a dream,

    Baby, it's better to wake from it.

    Maybe he was sending signals because he was bored,


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  • And I said to myself

    And I said to myself, in the quiet of the night,

    As stars above me shimmered, casting their soft light,

    "What purpose do I serve in this vast, endless sea?

    Am I but a whisper, a fleeting moment's plea?"



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  • The End?

    "It's all hopeless now, 

    Time has deemed me its enemy, 

    The clock moves with hasty bursts of rage, 

    Causing my head to recoil in agony, 

    The days grow in and out of age, 

    Each a sooty scorching...

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  • I'll Lie For You.

    "I'll lie for you," he said, pushing a strand of her hair off of her face. He gave her a stiff smile as he enclosed her face with his palms and gently leaned his forehead against hers.

    "I'll lie for you,
    If it takes the daggers off...

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  • Hopeless Romantic

    I am a hopeless romantic with drifts from the books,
    sways from the rhythm of the characters look.
    For how they treat their beloved with so much care,
    Like how everyone is supposed to be...

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  • To Be or Not to Be.

    In my existence, I ponder and dwell,

    To be or not to be, in this life's swirling swell.

    Like waves upon the shore, we ebb and we flow,

    In the grand cosmic dance, we find our own glow.


    To be, like a star, in...

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  • Solace

    In a distant realm, beyond my dwelling,
    Exists a presence, radiant as a star,
    And exquisite as the ethereal moon.
    Though its touch may scorch my very being,
    From its embers, healing ash descends,
    A balm to mend a shattered...

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    1. Overview of Poetry Farm and its mission
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  • Culture

    In lands where sun-kissed savannas sprawl,

    A tapestry of stories, rich and tall,

    African culture, vibrant and true,

    A treasure trove of hues in every hue.


    From Sahara's dunes to the Congo's heart,


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  • My Rhythmic Embrace

    In the rhythmic embrace of words, I find solace and sanctuary. A thousand tiny keystrokes, each carrying the weight of emotion and meaning, form the tapestry of my thoughts and dreams. Through the dance of letters on the blank canvas, my heart sings...

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  • To myself, I Say

    Amidst the silence of my soul's retreat,

    I weave a verse, a poem bittersweet.

    A dance of words, emotions to convey,

    In the secret corners of my mind, they play.


    With ink-stained fingers, I begin to write,


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