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  • Alpha Vs Sigma Males, See Beyond The "dominance" Stereotypes

    Unpacking Alpha vs. Sigma Males: Beyond Stereotypes

    The concept of social dominance hierarchy...

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  • Administrative Assistant Job at Poetry Farm Kenya

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  • The Guilt

    The guilt coursing through these veins,
    Is it  mine or of the stolen moment from time,
    The painful jab of the heart beating out from my chest,
    Is that adernaline or a sign of peace before the attack.

    All these moments stolen...

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  • Why plant a tree?

    Tree planting in honor of those who perished in floods is a poignant tribute,

    symbolizing renewal and resilience in the face of tragedy.

    On this day, communities come together,

    not only to remember the lives lost but also to take...

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  • Mastering Assertiveness: A Guide for Men to Communicate...

    Title: Mastering Assertiveness: A Guide for Men to Communicate Effectively and Rationally

    In the realm of effective communication, assertiveness stands as a cornerstone. It's a skill that helps individuals express their thoughts, needs, and...

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  • Declutter Your Life and Live More: Top Minimalist Living...

    Feeling overwhelmed by stuff? Do you spend more time searching for things than enjoying them? Are you ready...

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  • A flooded Nation...Moment of Silence

    Let us bow our heads in solemn grace,

    A moment of silence, in a sacred space.

    For those who fell to floods' cruel hand,

    In distant valleys, in this native land.


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  • The first sunrise on Mars by a human visitor.

    Red dust stretches out so far,

    Underneath a strange, red sky.

    The first to see, a lonely star,

    The Martian sunrise, creeping by.


    No morning light, no yellow streaks,

    Just pale and quiet, like a dream.


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  • Matatu Mates: Proven Ways to Spark Conversations on Kenyan...

    Striking Up a Conversation in a Matatu: Breaking the Ice, Kenyan Style

    Ah, the matatu! Our all time top...

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  • 18 Heartfelt Love Poems Guaranteed to Make Her Heart Melt...


    1. Your smile, a sunrise,

    Warmth chasing away night.

    Seeing it fills my days with light.


    1. Your laugh, a melody sweet,

    Dancing on the summer breeze.


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