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  • Because Angels Are In White...

    Gods are not in the Pilgrim
    Scientists are in the search
    No one is working at that site
    Because angels are in white.

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  • You will never see me fall

    You may well see me fight back,
    but you won't see me fall.

    Whether I’m tired or not,
    I'm going to stand tall.

    Everybody says life is easy,
    but indeed enduring it is not.

    Moments get tricky,

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  • Baby Girl Desires


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  • Newton's First Law

    Newton's first law states that all objects in motion must stay in motion.

    You can't stop an apple from falling ,

    or a car's wheels from turning,

    or a bullet fired from the chamber.

    Once your finger starts to curl,


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  • Watercolors

    Another day has passed. Beginning how it always does and ending that way, too. Like Clockwork, looping over and over. Dreary, muddled, I am a watercolor painting picked up too soon—my colors are bleeding. Every day I drift closer and closer...

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  • Repetition

    I remember the way my mom cried on my first day of school—tears dropping in the same errant fashion as the drifting leaves. I remember the blushing cherry tree with blue robin eggs. I remember the way the air would smell—sickeningly sweet...

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  • Men's Mental Health Awareness Month ..we love you our Men...

    Emotionally they can't do it anymore,

    Morally they are exhausted.

    Spiritually they feel dead,

    Physically they are smiling,

    On the surface everything seems fine,

    But inside it's different .

    It's hard...

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  • IN YOUR ARMS ....

    I mean your arms are my favorite place to be,

    You do to me what no other human can.

    Your mere existence just changes up my souls batteries even without touch.

    When I say I love you ,

    I mean you are my home ,

    A place...

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  • I am Sorry

    Accept My apologies,


    If my words were like a nail

    Your feelings were the board

    No matter how many times I say I'm sorry

    Deep down you still are scored

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  • 37 Short and Sweet Poems about life

    Looking for a dose of inspiration or a way to reflect on the beauty of life? Dive into this collection of 37 short poems about life that capture the essence of life's experiences. From the joy of friendship and the power of resilience to the beauty...

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  • How Ecopoetry Can Inspire Action on Climate Change: Rekindling...

    Climate change. The very words evoke a sense of urgency, a looming threat to our planet and its inhabitants. Yet, amidst the scientific data and political debates,...

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  • "Urban Bird"

     "Urban Bird"

     I'm an urban bird
     Flick me a fry
     I'm swooping down
    Out of the sky

    I used to eat

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  • Friday Night

    They tell all but orchards of roses,
    And moonlight over the ocean,
    And peaks and ice
    And twilight shine,
    But I describe what is most excellent

    for me.
    The prettiest view I know,
    Worth all your ornaments and snow,

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  • The girl with the Beautiful eyes

    The girl with the Beautiful eyes, 
    and she no longer cries because she realized all the lies told to her from them other guys, 
    The truth comes up like the sunrise , and
    she see's...

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