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  • 20 romantic love messages for her.

    Distance or not, these messages are sure to melt your wife's heart. Whether you're leaving a sweet note on the pillow or sending...

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  • A sweet love poem

    My chosen one,

    Love like a warm hug,

    enveloping us in its comforting arms.

    It's the way your eyes light up when you see me,

    filling my heart with a sense of belonging and warmth.

    In your smile, I find comfort,

    knowing that I am valued and loved unconditionally.


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  • Life's Embrace : A Journey of Ups and Downs....

    Last evening, in the quiet of my room,

    As sunset danced upon the floor,

    I whispered to the shadows' sorrow,

    And thought about what life held for me.


    "What if," I murmured in the darkness,

    "I could go back in time,

    And all at once,


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  • Life Inspiration - Poem about Life

    This life is a perfect gift, receive it, embrace it.
    It starts with a new day, wake up and greet it.
    Life is a challenge, face it head on and take it.
    Full of opportunities, utilize, don't waste it.

    This life is a...

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  • I am still beautiful

    My looks are nothing extra,

    My face doesn't lie about my age,

    My skin still tight and smooth,

    And my energy's still the same.

    Too often my memory works for me,

    Not easily do I lose things at all.

    Do almost all as I plan,

    Never to allow them...

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  • If I were King

      I often wish I were a King,

    And then I could do anything.

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  • Happy Labor Day

    In Kenya's heart, on Labor Day we stand,
    Honoring workers across the land.
    Tom Mboya's voice, Fred Kubai's fight,
    Their legacy shines, a beacon bright.

    From fields to factories, their labor's worth,
    Their dedication shapes our earth.
    On this day, we raise our cheer,

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  • Exploring the History and Significance of...

    Labor Day celebrations in Kenya have a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. The day is dedicated to honoring the contributions of workers and celebrating the achievements of the labor movement in the country.

    One significant figure in the history of Labor Day celebrations...

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  • Listen Brothers..

    Listen, brothers, to the drums of old,
    They beat a rhythm of courage, bold.
    For in the face of adversity, they stood tall,
    Their backs unbent, they answered the call.

    In the savannah's embrace, under the starlit sky,
    They toiled and labored, never asking why.
    For they...

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  • Rational Approaches to Stress Management:...

    Stress. It's like that annoying friend who never seems to leave you alone, always popping up at the worst times, making everything seem more difficult than it needs to be. But here's the thing: stress is a part of life. We can't avoid it entirely, but we can certainly learn how to...

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