And When I Write...

And When I Write...

And when I write, the words take flight,
On Poetry Farm, they find their light.
In simple English, I let them flow,
In rhythms, soft, or rhymes that glow.

With each line penned, a piece of me,
Joins the chorus of creativity.
In fields of verse, my thoughts unwind,
And on the page, my heart's entwined.

Like seeds on soil, my ideas grow,
In Poetry Farm, they freely sow.
I draw from dreams and memories old,
Crafting stories, both brave and bold.

And when I write, I feel the breeze,
Of inspiration, whispering ease.
For Poetry Farm, a guiding hand,
Leads me through this wonderland.

With every stanza, a world is spun,
In the realm of words, my journey's begun.
And when I write, I'm not alone,
For in this space, many hearts are shown.

So here I'll stay, with pen in hand,
On Poetry Farm's enchanted land.
And when I write, I'll always find,
A home for words, both heart and mind.

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