A little bit of Magic, Hint of Grace.

A little bit of Magic, Hint of Grace.

In a world of hustle, a woman's touch,
A little bit of magic, a whole lot of love.
She's a dash of sunshine on a cloudy day,
A sprinkle of hope to light the way.

With a pinch of laughter, a hint of grace,
She turns life's challenges into a dance.
In her eyes, a twinkle, like stars above,
Guiding hearts to dreams they're worthy of.

With a spoonful of kindness, a dollop of care,
She nurtures souls, beyond compare.
In her embrace, troubles melt away,
As she whispers, "It'll be okay."

A dash of courage, a sprinkle of wit,
She faces the world, refusing to quit.
In her strength, we find our own,
A little bit of hers, in every stone.

So here's to the women, diverse and grand,
With hearts of gold and dreams in hand.
A little bit of this, a little bit of that,
Creating beauty wherever they're at.

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