Going Down the Narrow Road

Going Down the Narrow Road

Going down the narrow road,
With twists and turns, a heavy load.
Though the path may seem long and tough,
I'll keep on walking, strong and tough.

Each step I take, a journey's start,
With courage beating in my heart.
Though obstacles may block my way,
I'll push through them, come what may.

For on this road, though it be narrow,
I find myself, I find my marrow.
The lessons learned, the trials faced,
Make me stronger, filled with grace.

Through valleys low and mountains high,
I'll keep on reaching for the sky.
For on this road, though sometimes steep,
The promises of joy I'll keep.

So onward, onward, I will go,
With faith and hope, my spirits glow.
For on this journey, though it be slow,
I'll find my way, and I'll grow.

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