To myself, I Say

To myself, I Say

Amidst the silence of my soul's retreat,

I weave a verse, a poem bittersweet.

A dance of words, emotions to convey,

In the secret corners of my mind, they play.


With ink-stained fingers, I begin to write,

To paint the canvas of this endless night.

Through joys and sorrows, my heart's travail,

In poetry's embrace, my thoughts set sail.


Like whispered winds upon the moonlit shore,

My inner musings echo evermore.

In solitude, a sanctuary found,

Where depths of thought and feeling can abound.


Each stanza penned reveals a piece of me,

An intimate expression, wild and free.

The rhymes embrace my spirit's ebb and flow,

In verse, my truest self begins to show.


The verses breathe, a living, pulsing art,

A mirror to the depths of this, my heart.

A symphony of words, emotions raw,

The poem whispers dreams and hopes to thaw.


This private world, a refuge I've created,

Where fears and passions never go unsated.

To myself, this poem I humbly give,

A testament to the life I live.

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