And the Money is Hard to Make

And the Money is Hard to Make

Where dreams converge, where hearts aspire,

Lies a truth we often admire,

The pursuit of wealth, a complex quest,

Money's grip puts souls to the test.


In this city of ambition and desire,

Where fortunes rise and hopes conspire,

We weave a tale of labor and sweat,

Of countless hours, no rest beget.


Money, the elusive phantom, we seek,

A treasure trove both rich and sleek,

But the path to its gates is fraught with strife,

A journey where few escape unscathed in life.


For some, the dice of fate do roll,

And wealth pours in like a river uncontrolled,

But others toil beneath the sun's harsh glare,

Their pockets empty, dreams stripped bare.


The artist, with brush or pen in hand,

Paints masterpieces across the land,

Yet the canvas alone won't pay the bills,

As passion battles with financial ills.


The worker, with sweat upon their brow,

Builds foundations, skyscrapers towering now,

But the fruits of labor, the wage they seek,

Can still be meager, prospects bleak.


In this game of numbers and gain,

Where shillings dance and fortunes wane,

Some venture forth, bold entrepreneurs,

Taking risks, as their dreams they nurture.


They build empires from seeds of thought,

But the road is treacherous, battles fought,

Success and failure entwined, intertwined,

As wealth slips through their grasping mind.


The investor, wise in the ways of trade,

Navigates markets, unafraid,

Yet volatility dances on a knife's edge,

Fortunes made or lost with each pledge.


And still, the struggle persists,

For money's grip can't be dismissed,

Inequalities entrenched within the folds,

As some hoard riches, untold.


But amidst this race, this ceaseless chase,

Let's pause and reflect, find solace and grace,

For money's worth is not solely found,

In the vaults of wealth that earth's ground.


In the laughter shared with friends dear,

In the comfort of loved ones near,

In the kindness offered, a helping hand,

In the joys of life's simple strands.


Money's power can shape and mold,

But its measure extends far beyond gold,

It lies in the impact we leave behind,

In the lives we touch, the hearts we find.


So let us seek a balance true,

Between the wealth we desire to accrue,

And the love and compassion we can bestow,

In a world where humanity can grow.


For money's allure, both grand and steep,

Can't overshadow the values we should keep,

In the pursuit of fortunes, let's not forsake,

The essence of what truly makes life great.


The money is hard to make, indeed,

But let's remember, in thought and deed,

That our worth is not bound by material gain,

But by the love we share, the kindness we sustain.


So let us strive, with hearts afire,

To build a world where dreams inspire,

Where wealth is measured not by what we take,

But by the positive change we help create.

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