I used to pray for days like these

I used to pray for days like these

I used to pray for days like these,
With gentle winds and birds in trees.
A sky so blue, a sun so bright,
Filling my heart with pure delight.

Each morning brings a brand new chance,
To dance through life's sweet, fleeting dance.
With every step, I'll spread some cheer,
And hold onto these moments dear.

The laughter of friends, the touch of a hand,
Reminds me of blessings, oh so grand.
For in these simple joys I find,
The truest peace, the purest kind.

As the sun sets and darkness falls,
I'll cherish memories, both big and small.
For life's not just about the highs,
But the quiet moments under starry skies.

So let me savor each precious hour,
And bask in love's gentle power.
For in this life, amidst the breeze,
I find the grace of days like these.

And when tomorrow comes anew,
With challenges and dreams to pursue,
I'll face each moment with hope and grace,
Knowing that blessings fill every space.

For I used to pray for days like these,
And now I see, they're gifts to seize.
So here's to life, in all its glory,
Filled with love, its sweetest story.

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