In gardens of grace, she blooms, so fair,
A woman, tender, beyond compare.
Her laughter, a melody, soft and sweet,
In her embrace, all worries retreat.

Like a gentle breeze on a summer's day,
She brings comfort in every single way.
Her eyes, like stars in the velvet night,
Guide lost souls to paths of light.

With hands that soothe and hearts that mend,
She's a love that knows no end.
In her presence, I find my home,
Wherever she may choose to roam.

Her touch, a whisper upon my skin,
Sets my heart to flutter and spin.
In her smile, I see galaxies unfurl,
A universe of love in every swirl.

Oh, woman, a wonder to behold,
In your arms, my dreams enfold.
Forever grateful for your love so true,
I cherish every moment spent with you.

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