And I said to myself

And I said to myself

And I said to myself, in the quiet of the night,

As stars above me shimmered, casting their soft light,

"What purpose do I serve in this vast, endless sea?

Am I but a whisper, a fleeting moment's plea?"


In the depths of my soul, I sought to find the way,

To unravel the questions that haunted me each day,

For in the solitude of darkness, when all is still,

I yearned to understand my purpose, my own will.


I wandered through the meadows, where wildflowers grew,

Their vibrant colors dancing in the morning dew,

And I said to myself, as the breeze kissed my face,

"Perhaps my purpose lies in this tranquil place."


I watched a river winding, its waters calm and deep,

Reflecting skies above in its silent, steady sweep,

And I said to myself, as the ripples gently sighed,

"Could my purpose be to flow, with life as my guide?"


I climbed the highest mountains, where eagles soared,

Their wings of freedom in the heavens they adored,

And I said to myself, as the world lay at my feet,

"Maybe my purpose is to rise, to never know defeat."


I ventured to the ocean, where waves embraced the shore,

Their endless, timeless rhythm, a song forevermore,

And I said to myself, as the tides ebbed and flowed,

"Perhaps my purpose is to love, as the ocean's love bestowed."


I sat beneath the ancient trees, their wisdom deep and old,

Their roots entrenched in history, their stories yet untold,

And I said to myself, as the leaves whispered above,

"Could my purpose be to grow, to nurture and to love?"


I gazed up at the stars, those distant, twinkling lights,

In their cosmic symphony, through endless, starry nights,

And I said to myself, as they sparkled in the sky,

"Maybe my purpose is to dream, to reach for realms up high."


In the embrace of silence, I found my heart's own song,

A melody of purpose that had been there all along,

And I said to myself, with tears of joy in my eyes,

"My purpose is to live, to love, to touch the skies."


For in the depths of introspection, in the quiet of the soul,

We discover our true purpose, a destiny to extol,

And though the path may wind and twist, in the end, we'll see,

That purpose is not a destination but a journey to be free.


So, I said to myself, with newfound clarity and grace,

"I'll live each day with purpose, in every step I'll trace,

The beauty of existence, the love that I can give,

For in the act of living, it's in purpose that we live."

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