A Message to Younger Me.

Through vivid imagery and heartfelt verses, it explores the dreams, challenges, and triumphs experienced by the younger self. The poem celebrates the strength, resilience, and unwavering spirit of the protagonist as he navigates through life's tapestry, embracing his heritage, seeking knowledge, finding joy, and rising above adversity. It is a testament to the power of self-discovery, determination, and the timeless quest for purpose and identity.

A Message to Younger Me.

In the tapestry of my memories,

There's a chapter that unfolds,

A tale of a younger me,

A vibrant spirit, yet untold.


At twenty-four, in hues of ebony,

I stood tall, a black man's pride,

With dreams swirling through my soul,

In the depths of my being, they reside.


In the dawn of that golden age,

I strode upon life's open stage,

Eyes brimming with hope's sweet fire,

With aspirations soaring higher and higher.


A kaleidoscope of vibrant dreams,

Painted on life's vast canvas it seems,

I danced to the rhythm of my own beat,

A symphony of passion, wild and sweet.


Through winding roads and bumpy trails,

I sought my truth, amidst life's veils,

Unfazed by the weight of society's gaze,

I forged ahead, through life's maze.


With each step, my spirit grew,

Unyielding to the challenges I knew,

For I carried the strength of generations past,

Ancestral wisdom, forever to last.


In the realms of knowledge, I would delve,

Books embraced, my mind would swell,

Education, my beacon of light,

Empowering me to fight the good fight.


In the halls of academia, I found my voice,

Speaking truths, making my choice,

A scholar, a seeker of justice's creed,

Empowered by knowledge, sowing the seed.


But youth, it dances in jubilant glee,

In the moments when burdens set free,

Laughter echoed through the midnight air,

With friends, companions, a love affair.


Through the rhythm of music, we found our groove,

Melodies cascading, our spirits would move,

In the dancefloors of life, we'd take flight,

In sync with the rhythm, we'd find delight.


Yet, not all days were filled with ease,

As a black man, I'd face realities,

The weight of prejudice, like shackles of chains,

But resilience ran deep within my veins.


I'd rise above the stereotypes, unafraid,

Breaking barriers that society had laid,

With grace and dignity, I'd overcome,

A testament to the strength of where I'm from.


Through the kaleidoscope of my younger years,

I discovered joy in both triumph and tears,

For it was in the battles fought and won,

That the essence of my soul had truly begun.


Now, as I reflect upon that younger me,

With gratitude and love, I see,

That every step, every choice, every fall,

Shaped the man standing tall, standing tall.


For I am a black man, fierce and proud,

With dreams that rise above the clouds,

A beacon of hope, a symbol of grace,

Embracing the journey, whatever it may trace.


So, let the echoes of my youth resound,

Through the years, they shall be found,

For the younger me, forever alive,

In my heart, his spirit shall thrive.


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