In a world spun from whispers, where shadows dance,
I done seen it all, a cosmic romance.
Beneath the moon's glow, secrets unfold,
Tales of the young, and stories of the old.

I done seen the sunrise, a canvas ablaze,
Painting the heavens in hues of amaze.
Golden fingers reaching, caressing the sky,
A masterpiece unfolding, as time passes by.

I done seen storms, fierce and untamed,
Thunderous echoes, where lightning is named.
Nature's fury unleashed, a wild symphony,
Yet in chaos, a rhythm, a strange harmony.

I done seen faces, etched with life's trace,
Lines of laughter, and tears they embrace.
Eyes that reflect the storms within,
A kaleidoscope of joy and sorrow, where stories begin.

I done seen love, a celestial force,
Binding hearts in a mystical course.
Whispers of passion, like the wind's soft call,
In the dance of emotions, I done seen it all.

I done seen cities, with towers that kiss the sky,
Concrete jungles where dreams multiply.
Neon lights painting tales of the night,
In the heartbeat of urban life, pulsating with might.

I done seen deserts, where silence is king,
Endless dunes where echoes sing.
A symphony of solitude, a timeless sprawl,
In the vast emptiness, I done seen it all.

I done seen humanity, a tapestry of dreams,
Where kindness redeems, and courage gleams.
In the tapestry of life, each thread has its role,
A story unfolding, an eternal scroll.

In this grand theater, where destinies enthrall,
Through the highs and lows, I done seen it all.
Yet, in the grandeur of existence, a mystery prevails,
A journey of wonder, where every heartbeat trails.

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