To Be or Not to Be.

I choose to be.

To Be or Not to Be.

In my existence, I ponder and dwell,

To be or not to be, in this life's swirling swell.

Like waves upon the shore, we ebb and we flow,

In the grand cosmic dance, we find our own glow.


To be, like a star, in the velvet night's sky,

To twinkle and shimmer, oh, how I do try.

I chase after dreams, like fireflies in the dark,

Seeking meaning and purpose, igniting my spark.


But what of the not to be, the silent unknown,

Where my mortal coil's mysteries are sown?

Is it a dreamless slumber, a peaceful reprieve,

From the heartaches and trials that make me grieve?


To die, to sleep, perchance to dream,

In death's quiet embrace, a tranquil stream.

But in that deep rest, what visions take flight,

In the shadows of night, in the absence of light?


The fear of the beyond, that undiscovered land,

Holds me in check, makes me take a firm stand.

For who would endure life's burdens and strife,

When death's solemn promise beckons with life?


Yet, in this grand tapestry of joy and of pain,

I find purpose and love, and I break free from the chain.

To be or not to be, the question profound,

In this human journey, my soul is unwound.


So let me embrace life, with its beauty and woe,

For in my existence, our stories will flow.

To be, to explore, with each heartbeat's decree,

In the end, my dear friend, we shall truly be free.







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