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  • Why plant a tree?

    Tree planting in honor of those who perished in floods is a poignant tribute,

    symbolizing renewal and resilience in the face of tragedy.

    On this day, communities come together,

    not only to remember the lives lost but also to take positive action towards environmental


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  • A flooded Nation...Moment of Silence

    Let us bow our heads in solemn grace,

    A moment of silence, in a sacred space.

    For those who fell to floods' cruel hand,

    In distant valleys, in this native land.

    Their names unknown, yet hearts they touch,


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  • Sleep Cycle (Let's learn)

    1. Stage 1 (NREM):(non-rapid eye movement)Light sleep ???? 

      • Occurs right after you fall asleep.
      • Lasts for about 5-10 minutes.
      • Characterized by slow eye movements and relaxed muscle activity.
      • Brain waves start to slow down from their...

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