A flooded Nation...Moment of Silence

Joined hands

A flooded Nation...Moment of Silence

Let us bow our heads in solemn grace,

A moment of silence, in a sacred space.

For those who fell to floods' cruel hand,

In distant valleys, in this native land.

Their names unknown, yet hearts they touch,

In every prayer, we mourn souls as such. 

Their stories lost in waters' roar,

But in our hearts, they live evermore.

May this silence speak what words cannot,

A tribute to lives by tragedy caught.

In unity, our spirits entwine,

In this moment of silence,

their memory shines.

May peace find them in the river's flow,

And solace guide them where they go.

In this moment's  so hush, our voices cease,

In honor, in reverence, in shared release.

For every life taken by the swell,

In our hearts, their stories dwell.

May their souls find peace's shore,

In the gentle ebb, forevermore.

As rains relent, and skies clear,

We honor those we hold dear.

With hearts so heavy, we pause and say,

In remembrance, you'll forever stay.

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