Why plant a tree?

Importance of planting trees

Why plant a tree?

Tree planting in honor of those who perished in floods is a poignant tribute,

symbolizing renewal and resilience in the face of tragedy.

On this day, communities come together,

not only to remember the lives lost but also to take positive action towards environmental

stewardship and disaster prevention.

On this solemn day,

As citizens,we will gather in parks, public spaces, and affected areas to plant trees,

creating living memorials that honor the memory of the departed while contributing to the restoration

of the natural environment.

It's a powerful gesture that acknowledges the interconnectedness of humanity and nature,

reminding us of our responsibility to protect and cherish the earth.

As trees take root and grow,

they serve as enduring symbols of hope and healing,

offering shade, shelter, and oxygen to future generations.

This national holiday for tree planting would not only commemorate the lives lost in floods

but also serve as a lasting legacy of resilience, unity, and environmental consciousness.

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