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    (Verse 1)

    In the hush of the night, when stars softly gleam,


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    In the vast expanse of the desert, where sands stretch endlessly, a poet finds himself immersed in the solitude of the dunes. Amidst the arid landscape, he seeks inspiration in the shifting sands and the whispering winds that dance across...

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  • The Girl of My Dream

    Well, in my dreams, where love does reside,

    There exists a vision, my heart can't hide.

    A muse of enchantment, a heavenly theme,

    She is the girl, the girl of my dreams.


    Her eyes are like stars, twinkling so...

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  • And the Money is Hard to Make

    Where dreams converge, where hearts aspire,

    Lies a truth we often admire,

    The pursuit of wealth, a complex quest,

    Money's grip puts souls to the test.


    In this city of ambition and desire,

    Where fortunes...

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  • Palms of love

    In your arms, my love, I find my rest,
    A gentle haven, where I am blessed.
    On this Palm Sunday, I hold you near,
    With love that's true, and ever sincere.

    Like palm branches waving in the breeze,
    Our love stands strong,...

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  • Buh I make you Laugh

    Whenever I'm around you,
    I feel like life's complete.
    I don't know what to say,
    But you make my heart beat.

    I'm scared to say hello,
    But it hurts to say good-bye.
    I've been hurt before,
    Now I feel like love's just...

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  • To Poetry Farmers..

    To all farmers, I extend my hand,
    Come walk with me through this wondrous land.
    On Poetry Farm, where words take flight,
    Together, let's explore the light.

    In simple English, we share our tales,
    Of dreams and hopes, of ships...

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  • And When I Write...

    And when I write, the words take flight,
    On Poetry Farm, they find their light.
    In simple English, I let them flow,
    In rhythms, soft, or rhymes that glow.

    With each line penned, a piece of me,
    Joins the chorus of creativity.

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  • Save me.

    Le'me talk about my dreams.
    Le'me see if I consider myself worthy 
    Of the things Im denied,
    Of the things I'm yearning for.
    There's always something.
    The thing I lack,...

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  • To myself, I Say

    Amidst the silence of my soul's retreat,

    I weave a verse, a poem bittersweet.

    A dance of words, emotions to convey,

    In the secret corners of my mind, they play.


    With ink-stained fingers, I begin to write,


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