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  • How I feel about you - Poem

    When the moon comes out all the sadness goes away.

    When the sun is out all bad things come to life.

    When the stars are bright,


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  • We break up just to make up - A poem

    I'm not strong enough to stay away from you

    No matter how much I want to
    No matter how bad you've hurt me in the past
    My anger with you can never last

    I keep running right back to your open arms
    Keep asking...

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  • Stay with me Tonight

    Stay with me tonight, It's almost curfew.
    Stay, I want to wake up next to you, next to a queen
    Next to your beautiful eyes and smile. 
    Stay with me tonight I don't want to be alone
    I want to spend...

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  • A poem About the Unknown

    Have you ever imagined a special place, somewhere so perfect it feels like a secret? A place you can only reach in your mind, where worries melt away and peace washes over you. This poem is an invitation to explore that hidden world. Close your eyes,...

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  • Rope


    Does it ever go away?

    Do the questions ever end?

    Cause every answer I come across

    Seems wrong when it bounces over head.

    Will I always doubt myself?

    Will my confidence ever return?


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  • Nature: Seasons Changing

    Autumn's breath whispers through the trees,

    Leaves ablaze with the hues of goodbye.

    A symphony of rustling melodies,

    As nature prepares for winter's lullaby.


    Summer's embrace, a memory etched in golden light,


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  • Love: Eternal Love

    In the garden of our souls, love blooms eternal,

    Petals unfurling in the soft embrace of dawn.

    Time bends its knee to the dance of our hearts,

    Where whispers of forever paint the skies.


    Through every season,...

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  • Never stop believing in yourself

    Doubt may cloud,
    Footsteps falter, fall,
    But heart remembers,
    Your worth, it calls.
    Rise, stand tall.

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  • Was The Last Time We Met Our Last?

    The last time we met, if I had known that it would be the last

    I would have stolen few more glimpses of yours, 
    would have captured few more smiles 
    for these unquenchably thirsty eyes …
     would have...

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  • A love sweet poem: My heart's rhyme

    Of all the treasures in this world so wide,

    None compares to the love I have inside.

    It fills me up and overflows my heart,

    A feeling that can never be torn apart.


    Your beauty shines like stars in the night,


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  • The woman I fell in love with Poem

    You’re not Sip-rose, but you are my glucose,

    You give me sucrose coz you are full of fructose,

    From your majestic forehead that outshines your hair…


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  • You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

    You're the Best Thing
    That Ever Happened to Me"

    Did you ever
    have a dream
    that was so wonderful
    you didn't want
    to wake up?
    Loving you
    feels like that kind of dream,
    only it's real...
    it's made up

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  • 35+ short love poems guaranteed to make her feel special

    Searching for Romantic love poems guaranteed to make her feel special, then you are in the right place. Look no further. Here are 35 plus sweet short love poems guaranteed to make her feel special. 

    Table of Contents

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  • Courage

    Alone, yet not alone,
    Lost in the maze of my thoughts.
    Tiny fingers reaching through the void,
    Aching for the solace of your guiding hand.

    So I dash, swift through the tangled woods,
    Legs straining under the weight of dread.

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  • Only Our Souls

    We have promised only our souls to each other,
    It souldn't be surprising that I wake up from your nightmares and you daydream of my future,
    That you can hear my tears fall and I can feel your heart breaking,
    But the outsiders, they...

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  • If I won't make it, this year .Then I won't make it this...

    Even with open eyes, all I see is darkness.  
    I don't know what swamp of sadness I am stuck in.  
    The more I try to get out, the deeper I sink.  
    It's like there's a weight on my chest that keeps growing,  

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  • Change

    If gold was called iron and iron gold, 
    Which one will be more precious? 
    Gold or iron? 
    If church was called prison, 
    Where would convicts go? 
    Where would they find conviction? 
    If the...

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  • Invisible Hurt

    In the sacred hall of learning, 
    Where friendship should glow, 
    Some turned into foes like venomous snakes, 
    Disturbing the peace with their spiteful acts. 

    They pulled my bench in a ring of laughter, 

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  • Breaking Anxiety Chains

    In shadows deep where worries lie,

    A heart beats fast, beneath the sky.

    Chains of fear, they bind and hold,

    A whispered dread, a story told.


    But light seeps in through cracks unseen,

    A dawn of hope,...

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  • Symphony of Nature's Embrace

    In the realm of nature, I find solace and peace, Where the vibrant colors of life never cease. From the mighty mountains to the gentle breeze, A symphony of beauty, a tapestry that's never at ease.

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