"Guiding Love from Above: Honoring the Deceased Father of the Bride"

honoring the Deceased Father of the Bride Poem

"Guiding Love from Above: Honoring the Deceased Father of the Bride"

In honor of the father who's no longer here,
We gather today, his presence we hold dear.
Though his physical form may not be by our side,
His spirit lives on, in our hearts it abides.

On this special day, a bittersweet affair,
We celebrate love, with memories we share.
He walked beside you, guiding your way,
Now an angel above, watching over this day.

He taught you to be strong, to follow your dreams,
To cherish life's moments, no matter how it seems.
His love and wisdom, forever imprinted in your soul,
A bond unbreakable, that time cannot control.

As you walk down the aisle, radiant and bright,
Know that he's there with you, his love shining light.
A father's love, eternal and true,
It embraces you now, as you say "I do."

Though tears may flow as you miss him so,
Feel his love surround you, as you let your love grow.
He'll forever be a part of your journey ahead,
His spirit within you, as you are lovingly wed.

So let us raise a glass, in his honor and grace,
To the father of the bride, with a smile on his face.
In our hearts, his memory forever remains,
A love that endures, through life's joys and pains.

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