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    From last night, the memories rise,
    Like shadows dancing 'neath moonlit skies.
    In whispers soft, they call my name,
    A melody of joy, a silent refrain.

    From last night, where dreams took flight,
    In the velvet embrace of the...

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    Title: Mastering Assertiveness: A Guide for Men to Communicate Effectively and Rationally

    In the realm of effective communication, assertiveness stands as a cornerstone. It's a skill that helps individuals express their thoughts, needs, and...

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    In gardens or by windows, red roses grow,
    Soft petals whisper, hearts they gently sow.
    On February 14th, they steal the show,
    Top searches rise, their beauty to know.

    Red roses bloom in colors so bright,
    Love's symbol shining,...

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  • A poem to my College Girlfriend.

    In the hallowed halls of knowledge she strides,
    My college girl, where intellect abides.
    Amidst the lectures and seminars bright,
    She's a beacon of wisdom, a radiant light.

    With textbooks stacked and laptops gleaming,

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  • Going Down the Narrow Road

    Going down the narrow road,
    With twists and turns, a heavy load.
    Though the path may seem long and tough,
    I'll keep on walking, strong and tough.

    Each step I take, a journey's start,
    With courage beating in my heart.

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  • I used to pray for days like these

    I used to pray for days like these,
    With gentle winds and birds in trees.
    A sky so blue, a sun so bright,
    Filling my heart with pure delight.

    Each morning brings a brand new chance,
    To dance through life's sweet, fleeting...

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    In a world filled with distractions and demands, productivity has become the golden ticket to success. For rational thinkers, whose minds are wired to analyze, strategize, and optimize, achieving peak productivity is not just a goal—it's a necessity....

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  • Unveiling the Science of Male Leadership: A Rational Approach...

    In the realm of leadership, the discourse often centers on qualities and behaviors associated with effective leaders. Yet, within this landscape, the role of gender and its implications for leadership remain subjects of ongoing inquiry and debate....

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  • Problem-Solving Strategies Every Man Should Know

    Problem-solving is like being a superhero in everyday life. It's about using your brainpower to tackle challenges, big or small, and finding smart solutions. As men, we often face tough situations that require us to think on our feet and come up with...

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  • The science of love: What happens in the brain when we're...

    When we experience love, whether romantic or platonic, our brains undergo a complex series of biochemical and neurological processes. Here's a simplified explanation of what happens in the brain when we're in love:

    1. Activation of...

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