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  • His stories Untold

    In the quiet corners of existence, where shadows linger and whispers echo, lie the stories untold. These tales, woven into the fabric of time, remain obscured from the prying eyes of the world, waiting to be unveiled like ancient manuscripts hidden...

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    In the realm of personalities, where archetypes unfold,

    There exists a sigma, a story seldom told.

    He walks alone, a lone wolf in the night,

    A silent force, unseen but strong, his spirit takes flight.



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  • Winning with People: The Art of Positive Social Interactions



    In the intricate tapestry of human relationships, the ability to connect, collaborate, and communicate effectively is paramount. Winning with people goes beyond mere social interaction; it encapsulates...

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  • Alpha Vs Sigma Males


    The terms "sigma males" and "alpha males" are often used in discussions about social dominance and personality types, especially within the context of social dynamics and hierarchies. It's important to note that these concepts are not...

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  • January 31st

    In January's icy grip we find,

    A month of endings, gentle and kind.

    The year's first chapter bids adieu,

    As winter's chill begins to subdue.


    Frost-kissed mornings, a silent hush,

    Nature sleeps in a...

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  • To Be or Not to Be.

    In my existence, I ponder and dwell,

    To be or not to be, in this life's swirling swell.

    Like waves upon the shore, we ebb and we flow,

    In the grand cosmic dance, we find our own glow.


    To be, like a star, in...

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  • The Sky.

    Look at this vast open sky.
    Today, it's blue.
    Tomorrow, perhaps a different hue.
    Dawning slightly red,
    While on setting an orange view,
    Sometimes white cover of cotton
    Or a starry dark blanket, that's never forgotten.

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  • For so many reasons, I loved you,

    For so many reasons, I loved you,
    And for so many more, I achingly hate you.

    I loved you for your charming smile,
    For the way your laughter danced in the air.
    But now, I bear the...

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  • Time Travel.

    Today, I tripped on an old photograph and fell into my past,
    My youth was hard to recognize but not impossible,
    I could make out the warmth that was lost to the winter of adulthood, the softness lost to the rough touches of time,

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