Heart of a simp

Heart of a simp

In the heart of a simp, love beats strong, A gentle soul, never in the wrong. He gives his all, without a second thought, For the one he loves, his devotion never sought.His love unfiltered, his emotions fraught.

He showers her with affection, like petals from a flower, His love knows no bounds, like a mighty tower. He'll go to great lengths, just to see her smile, Going that extra mile, going the extra mile.

He showers her with gifts, with time and care, Hoping she'll notice, hoping she'll share. But often he's overlooked, taken for granted, His love unreciprocated, his heart supplanted.

Yet he persists, with a heart so true, Hoping one day, she'll see him too. For in the heart of a simp, there's a flame, A burning passion, an unending aim.

He's often misunderstood, called names and shamed, But he holds his head high, never tamed. For in his heart, he knows his love is pure, And for his beloved, he'll endure, he'll endure.

So here's to the simp, with his heart on his sleeve, May he find the love he's made to believe. For in his heart, there's a love so vast, A love that's pure, a love that'll last.

So let's not judge the simp, with his heart so true, For his love is a treasure, pure and so new. In a world so cold, his warmth shines bright, A simp's heart, a beacon in the night.

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