Old Love

Back to worlds when love was pure,
I wish to journey there to share it with you.

Our eyes would meet through your delicate fabric veil,
Before spoken words, language of smiles would prevail.
Each glimpse of you, I'd cradle in my heart's embrace,
Guarding your footprints from the surging tidal race.

In every parchment, our names I'd lovingly entwine,
No digital screens, just your thoughts in my mind.
I'd do everything to be imprisoned in your presence,
Only to obliviate myself in the magic of your essence.

I'd entrap stars to perch my feelings on paper,
Grapple with ways to deliver to you the letter.
My clasped heart awaits the mysterious glimmer,
Encrypting acceptance in the eyes of my sweet summer.

Gifted petals, housed within your treasured book's nook,
Nights raging battles, depriving the radiance of your look.
Our first touch, a surreal alloy of ecstasy and fear,
An unvoiced promise shared, to be kept forever.

I long to mend time, plead it to take us there,
For then love was pure but now such love is rare.

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