Buh I make you Laugh

Whenever I'm around you,
I feel like life's complete.
I don't know what to say,
But you make my heart beat.

I'm scared to say hello,
But it hurts to say good-bye.
I've been hurt before,
Now I feel like love's just a lie.

You have beautiful eyes
Like a galaxy of stars I wanna swim in it
Like the moon and stars are shining in it
where are my fries?

I lose my voice,
When you're nearby.
I'm scared to mess things up
I'm scared you'll say good-bye.

I'm sorry if I'm wrong,
When it comes to liking you.
Just let me know,
I don't want to be hurt by you

I'm shy yet I say alot.
Just trying to hide a side of me
Paranoia in my thought
All I want to say Is "they are trying  to kill me"

But I make you laugh
And I love your smile
I went through your gallery you're beautiful.
I wished you were mine.

I wanna tell you about my fears and dreams
I wanna talk about my nightmares and screams
Be like an open book an let you read it
Leme hit it.

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