Rainbow flag Niagara Regional Police Vandalism

poem about LGBTQ(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & queer) rights

Rainbow flag Niagara Regional Police Vandalism

In a world of colors, vibrant and bright,

Where the Rainbow Flag soars, a symbol of light,

A tale unfolds, of unity and pride,

Of a community's struggle, where love can't be denied.


High above the Niagara Regional Police,

The Rainbow Flag fluttered, a symbol of peace,

But in the dead of night, darkness took hold,

Vandalism struck, a story yet untold.


With paint and malice, they sought to erase,

The symbol of love, in this sacred space,

But little did they know, their act of disdain,

Would only ignite a stronger, resilient flame.


For the Rainbow Flag, it's more than just cloth,

It represents a community, standing tall and both,

A symbol of acceptance, diversity embraced,

Where love knows no boundaries, where all are embraced.


From the depths of hatred, a community arose,

Stronger together, their spirits never froze,

They mended the fabric, the flag stood tall,

Defiance in their hearts, united through it all.


The colors shimmered, in the morning sun,

A testament to the battles fought and won,

The Rainbow Flag waved, a beacon of hope,

Inspiring others to find their voice and cope.


In the face of adversity, love will persist,

Bound by compassion, prejudice dismissed,

Together we stand, hand in hand,

In a world that's diverse, where understanding expands.


So let the Rainbow Flag fly high and free,

A symbol of love, for all to see,

In the face of vandalism, we rise above,

For love is the force that unites us, with love we shall prevail, love wins, love conquers all.

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