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  • Remembering Jacky Oh: A Tribute to the Beloved Wild 'N...

    In the realm of laughter and lights so bright,

    We honor Jacky Oh, with hearts shining light,

    A beloved...

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  • Chance


    You got a chance and used it well, 

    but from your perspective, not ours.

    You could've made everything right,

    now there is nothing to recover.

    Your selfishness got defined

    Once you made your decision


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  • Singapore Wanderland on Roblox; A Poem

    In a digital realm, a place so grand,

    Singapore Wanderland, where dreams expand,

    In the realm of Roblox, a vibrant sight,

    Where imagination soars, day and night.


    A virtual wanderland, Singapore's own,


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  • Rainbow flag Niagara Regional Police Vandalism

    In a world of colors, vibrant and bright,

    Where the Rainbow Flag soars, a symbol of light,

    A tale unfolds, of unity and pride,

    Of a community's struggle, where love can't be denied.


    High above the Niagara...

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  • If only leaders could Listen

    In the land of Kenya, where freedom rings,

    There lies a day of joy, where the nation sings.

    Madaraka Day, a celebration profound,

    Yet beneath the surface, sufferings are found.


    Once a year, the people gather...

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  • The Beautiful Girl

    There was once a beautiful girl
    Who sat soaking up the sunlight.
    Daisies danced just next to her,
    Very much to my heart's delight.

    Often her brown eyes, through
    The crystal glasses would peep.
    And little did she know...

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  • Unbreakable Bonds(A friendship poems catalog)


    Friendship is a treasure that enriches our lives with joy, support, and lasting memories. It is a bond that transcends distance, time, and circumstances. In this collection of poems, we explore the beauty of friendship, the power...

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  • Poetry Farm

    In the realm of words, where verses sprout,

    There lies a place, both deep and devout.

    A sanctuary of poetic charm,

    Where souls find solace on Poetry Farm.


    With ink as soil, and thoughts as seeds,


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  • Trapped

    The light's blue,
    I'm sitting on a stool
    In a bar,
    Staring at a bottle filled to the brim,
    Ice cubes clinking in the silence.

    I'm lost in thought,
    Wondering about what's not,
    Transfixed by an empty space,

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  • Elsewhere

    This is not a feeling,
    But an emptiness that lingers,
    A heart that aches for touch
    And eyes that search for glimmers.

    A cry in anguish,
    Echoes through the night!
    The world spins on,
    But my heart feels light.


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  • Sun Rises

    The sun rises in the east,
    But it's tinted with a sorrowful hue.
    The world is filled with anguish and strife,
    But there's still hope for me and you.

    We can choose to be hopeless pessimists,
    And give up on our dreams and...

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  • Beauty of Life

    Each day feels like a struggle and I'm desperate for some help. I know that I can't do it alone so I reach out my hand, in the hope of finding someone to pour out my heart to and understand. 

    My mind is screaming, my emotions are running...

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  • Poetry Farm

    Whose farm these are, I think I know.

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  • Men...

    Most men will only experience unconditional love from their mothers. And some of us don't even get that.

    Most of us have never even felt appreciation or respect without conditions or hidden intentions.

    We don't know what it sounds like...

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