Why you?

why you.

why do always run my mind my dreams and nightmares

why I'm I working so hard to get your approval

Always busy and working to Impress you.

why do I want to put a smile on your face

the weight of the world on my shoulders is nothing compared to what's in my heart.

I looked at the mirror and I've always hated you 

why you?

I was mad at you for so long but

I finally understand now.

I used to cry to myself bt 

I see the vision now.

I thought I was weak for a moment

I thought I couldn't walk

I felt numb eventually I could fly.

Why didn't you see me, what's was wrong with me.

Why wouldn't you love me? questions were haunting me

I felt like I was incomplete and half, something was missing

then I saw myself there,

I was invisible and that was beautiful.

and I took the blame off you, I felt free because I was never seen.

I had been collecting L's like I couldn't win.

Disrespect was thrown to my face like I ate shit.

I wasn't weak! I didn't know how strong until I tried and tasted it.

I knew I was an animal bt not this beast. 

I love it. 

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