The light's blue,
I'm sitting on a stool
In a bar,
Staring at a bottle filled to the brim,
Ice cubes clinking in the silence.

I'm lost in thought,
Wondering about what's not,
Transfixed by an empty space,
Remembering my past days.

I'm reflecting on how I've changed,
What lessons I've learned,
Where I'm headed,
And what legacy I'll leave behind.

Questions every man should ponder,
But I've never taken the time,
Until now, at twenty-seven,
Single and unfulfilled,

Struggling to make ends meet,
With a job that just gets me by.
Where did the high go?
I felt on top of the world last night,

But now that height's inverted,
Life's a product of my choices,
Cause and effect,
I got where I am by my choices,
And now,
I must break free from this infinite void.


Uzezi David.
#poem #reflection #trapped

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