The End?

"It's all hopeless now, 

Time has deemed me its enemy, 

The clock moves with hasty bursts of rage, 

Causing my head to recoil in agony, 

The days grow in and out of age, 

Each a sooty scorching of my current page. 

My mom can't recall my former mistakes, 

But I carry them around in a black ragged pouch, 

Crowds whisper silence when I walk into rooms, 

Gossip of the nothing my life amounted to, 

My sister, she's a goddess; her eyes give me comfort, 

But the days when clouds make mountains steal her light away. 

I still love walking in the rain, 

But I had a nasty cold when I cursed in the storm, 

Livid apparitions still drift across my room, 

I made friends with one when she said I was special, 

And we hugged through the night like crewmen in a gale, 

But when I woke up with the sun, she was gone with the cold, 

And it's all hopeless now."

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