In a distant realm, beyond my dwelling,
Exists a presence, radiant as a star,
And exquisite as the ethereal moon.
Though its touch may scorch my very being,
From its embers, healing ash descends,
A balm to mend a shattered heart's lament.

Through arduous nights and desolate days,
I yearn for the solace this presence conveys.
Its gentle whispers, like a soothing breeze,
Wrap around me, dispelling all unease.

Within its aura, shadows dissipate,
As hope blooms forth, casting away the weight
Of sorrow's burden that once defined me,
Now cradled by this celestial decree.

And in the depths of this profound connection,
I find redemption, love's divine reflection.
For in this home, away from all I've known,
I discovered a haven where hearts are sown.

Thus, I embrace this flame, unyielding and bright,
Knowing its touch may scorch with intense light.
But from its embers, I witness the birth,
Of healing flames that restore my worth.

So let me burn, let me embrace the fire,
For within its heat lies my soul's desire.
In this sacred dance, I find my release,
As love's eternal flame grants me inner peace.


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