Sixthy Thousand Scorpion.

My foreplay with death is about to commence,
I hope it annihilates me at my life's expense.
A final adieu before the Orcus' blade,
I want to witness my death's shade.

Some say, on leaves it's the droplets of dew,
The sky cries all night, that's also a view.
Flowers lament and bereaved is the air,
The excruciation, the mystery is so unfair.

The mayhems which I did not commit,
Guess the holy name will make me acquit.
My smile fades as death sentence is pronounced,
After all, it's the gods that I have denounced.

Entire night I chanted your name,
Seeking your help was such a shame.
A pulverized faith, a broken soul,
Ending my sentience is the only goal.

As the dance of death is no longer due,
And my beating heart can not continue.
I witness my farewell, a final goodbye,
Only a tear in my eyes, amidst the cry.

- फूफा जी

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