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  • A letter to myself

    i couldn't sleep tonight, just kept tossing and turning wondering what the future held for me, what was i really put here on the earth to do? In a way, this is a letter to myself, i do feel like i let myself down a couple of times, when i wasn't brave enogh to speak out my truth or when i couln't...

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  • Into the Abyss

    As I lay in that pool, I let myself sink, I wanted to reach the bottom of the ocean

    Because that is how my heart was sinking, I was distraught

    But who was I going to talk to when they’ve consistently diminished the boy child

    We have been ridiculed and our mental health...

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  • The girl of my dreams

    The girl of my dreams, that’s what he called me two months ago

    It’s funny how love makes you get instant butterflies in your stomach

    And it’s not like the...

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  • Royalty is loyalty

    Rock, paper or scissors, I wasn't going to give up 

    "Buenos noches " we heard from behind 

    It was time, we were going to know our fate

    with more than a thousand rings that we got

    We had hit the jackpot. More like hit a jewelry store 

    We were going...

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  • Tougher times

    So, what do you do on those days that you feel shitty??

    The days when you want to cry because you’re not good enough

    And yeah it’s probably in my head but it’s like getting stuck in an escape room

    Or drowned in the titanic, you can’t really breathe


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  • The crispy truth

    Crunching my crisps silently as life crunches me away aloud

    My thoughts go back to a time that I was really happy,

    Ooh wait, even that memory seems to be faded

    I exhale loudly as I lay on my bed looking at the ceiling

    Do I want to cry or laugh, sometimes I don’t...

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