Palms of love

On this palm Sunday...

Palms of love

In your arms, my love, I find my rest,
A gentle haven, where I am blessed.
On this Palm Sunday, I hold you near,
With love that's true, and ever sincere.

Like palm branches waving in the breeze,
Our love stands strong, against all pleas.
In your embrace, I feel complete,
With you, my love, my heart will beat.

Together, we walk this journey of life,
Through joy and sorrow, through peace and strife.
On this Palm Sunday, I give thanks for you,
For your love that's pure, and ever true.

So here's my embrace, my love, for you,
A gesture of love, so pure and true.
On this Palm Sunday, let's walk hand in hand,
And forever, together, let our love stand.

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