Let's run away

Baby, let's run away 

The guy you love is not in love with you, yes, you heard it right.

Maybe it's all just a dream,

Baby, it's better to wake from it.

Maybe he was sending signals because he was bored,

Maybe he was leading on because his heart was already broken down.

Baby, let's run away; he's gonna break your heart,

Baby, let's run away; he doesn't even know he's using you for his loneliness,

So, baby, let's run away.

I know it would hurt like hell, but whatever he told you was true but also a lie because he knows it would make you stay.

I know it would make you go crazy when you realize you gave your all but were blamed for being a fool; now you doubt your actions.

Baby, let's run away; though he was good, that was true but bad for you. 

Baby, let's run away; please don't let your love believe, it's there when it's not there because it's all a play, 

So, baby, let's run away.


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