You got a chance and used it well, 

but from your perspective, not ours.

You could've made everything right,

now there is nothing to recover.

Your selfishness got defined

Once you made your decision

You chose to make it more perplexed 

Rather than clearing the confusion

You could've made everything right

Rather than worsening the situation

You knew that I'll be informed

Maybe that was your intention

To hurt me by taking this action

I wasn't expecting anything from you

Not even this what you did to me

If it was me there instead of you

I must've done the opposite for sure

But what can we do against destiny

Maybe it was destined between us

Maybe it was written already that

Our paths will not collide after

Once we chose them to apart

I still hope for the modification

In what is written altogether or

change in destiny for something better.

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