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  • Why Don't you Man Up?

    I've let so many people down.
    Made lot of money then lost it.
    Made some more and squandered
    Made promises I didn't deliver 
    "I'm sorry" for the...

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  • Not Good Enough

    I'm not good enough
    I failed to fuck you countless times
    I know you want it.
    Bt where the fuxk should I start.
    I just admire and wish, 

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  • I wrote poems for her

    I Remember those days like last december
    How she had engulfed my heart
    I couldn't think straight, my head was absent
    I couldn't breathe without feeling her in my chest

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  • I'm sorry I wasted your Time

    I'm sorry I wasted your time.
    I couldn't find the right moment,
    Every time something felt off
    It kills me,
    My head was immense with wild thoughts.

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  • Stay with me Tonight

    Stay with me tonight, It's almost curfew.
    Stay, I want to wake up next to you, next to a queen
    Next to your beautiful eyes and smile. 
    Stay with me tonight I don't want to be alone
    I want to spend this night with you.


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  • Petals are fading

    Please give me a window

    I hunger for the sun
    How can I grow in this dark Gray cell
    with metal barricades blocking the nutrients from the light
    Every day that pass I lose a petal to the dirt
    Yet my thorns continue...

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