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  • Poetry Farm

    Hello this is PoetryFarm
    Leaders is all artistic
    Damn Interested in music
    Confused in her own unknown
    She is lost in her passion,
    a mood full of compassion

    Proficient in never-ending poetries
    A great Mind hacker;

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  • Farther of Fairness

    Too long a sacrifice
    Can make a rock of the heart.
    O when may it be plenty?
    That is Heaven’s part, our part
    To shout name upon name,
    As a mother name her child
    When rest, at last, has come
    On limbs that had run wild.

    What is it but nightfall?

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  • You will never see me fall

    You may well see me fight back,
    but you won't see me fall.

    Whether I’m tired or not,
    I'm going to stand tall.

    Everybody says life is easy,
    but indeed enduring it is not.

    Moments get tricky,
    people fight
    and constantly get put on...

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  • My Female That I dropped Was A Cougar!

    My woman in waiting
    Was a cougar hiding in the garbage broom.

    Let the cougar go, no big deal.
    I myself will comfort me
    By talking to strangers,
    Socializing with friends
    And enemies likewise.

    Young men,
    Fornicating, in my view,
    Is better than...

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  • Friday Night

    They tell all but orchards of roses,
    And moonlight over the ocean,
    And peaks and ice
    And twilight shine,
    But I describe what is most excellent

    for me.
    The prettiest view I know,
    Worth all your ornaments and snow,
    Is the glow of light on a Friday night,

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  • Our Masterpiece

    Our masterpiece
    portrayed by the lake water
    upon the shore

    marked at times
    by that misbehaving wave
    that stopped a little too hard

    displacing half-buried...

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  • Rose is a rose...

    The rose is a rose,

    Has always been a rose.

    But the new theory now goes,

    That apple too is a rose,

    And the pear is, and so is

    The plum, I suppose.

    But, only time...

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