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  • Men...

    Most men will only experience unconditional love from their mothers. And some of us don't even get that.

    Most of us have never even felt appreciation or respect without conditions or hidden intentions.

    We don't know what it sounds like to hear, "I see you, I'm proud of you, and I'm...

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  • I'm not Beautiful

    I'm not beautiful.

    Don't tell me I'm beautiful just because you got a glimpse of my scars, you don't know the soreness slumbering beneath, emitting heartache into my veins.

    I'm not beautiful, because of the proof that I had to survive an inferno of storms, on my own.

    But I'm...

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  • Bittersweet dilemma

    Bittersweet dilemm

    Dear Diary, It's the eve of my birthday
    And what's the best way to feel?
    Excited right?! But nah 
    Nothing seems right
    I don't know whether this is a plus one or two.
    I feel to lazy to cook or to throw on some clothes to buy food.
    Of course...

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  • I was comforting my baby girl

    See, darling, tonight I'll be 

    embracing you to sleep,

    whispering sweet nothings,

    kissing your tears, and

    savouring your shadows

    as I did also your light.

    But tomorrow I'll be

    with my friends at the bar 

    and they'll be asking,


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  • You're my love

    I wanna tell you about my day.
    I wanna tell you about my struggles.
    I wanna talk to you every day
    provide for you
    be a man for you
    I just wanna put a smile on your face
    I wanna put a ring on your finger
    I wanna marry you 
    I want a family with you cause...

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  • Dungeons of Doom

    Waking up to a nightmare,

    I feel myself breathing.

    My bare chest feels so cold,

    Something inside is beating.

    My eyes witness the horror, as

    The last pinch of hope dies.

    The signs of sheer mortality,

    The Devil it clearly implies.


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  • Lost in the shadows

    I see your eyes, as you look down at me, you're crying too.
    You hold on like the world is going to end, only for me and you.
    You hold on like it can save us, and I'm holding on too. 
    But I'll drown and there's nothing you can do. 
    I need to hear you lie, tell me that...

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  • My Tear Just...

    My tear just...
    Tears of mine threaten to fall away
    I stood rooted there to fade away
    A drop of salty water trickle from my eye
    Oh! You are a traitor, but why should I lie
    Bottled up from all the souls
    My emotions tied up in the folds
    Ah! Another drop makes its...

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  • My Thoughts.

    My Thoughts 

    I thought about myself today
    I thought about my mistakes and regrets 
    I thought about the things I shouldn't have done and the things I should have 
    I thought about the things I wish I could change about myself
    I thought about that pain and emptiness...

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    She gives him a hug,

    Forces a crack in his soul thickened by despair,

    Felt no arms encircle her but didn't move,

    She stayed like that with him for how long..she wasn't sure,

    but she guessed it must have been somewhere between a few seconds and an eternity,


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