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  • The End?

    "It's all hopeless now, 

    Time has deemed me its enemy, 

    The clock moves with hasty bursts of rage, 

    Causing my head to recoil in agony, 

    The days grow in and out of age, 

    Each a sooty scorching of my current page. 


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  • I'll Lie For You.

    "I'll lie for you," he said, pushing a strand of her hair off of her face. He gave her a stiff smile as he enclosed her face with his palms and gently leaned his forehead against hers.

    "I'll lie for you,
    If it takes the daggers off your back,
    If it keeps your blood at bay.

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  • Hopeless Romantic

    I am a hopeless romantic with drifts from the books,
    sways from the rhythm of the characters look.
    For how they treat their beloved with so much care,
    Like how everyone is supposed to be kept, isn't that fair?

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  • Solace

    In a distant realm, beyond my dwelling,
    Exists a presence, radiant as a star,
    And exquisite as the ethereal moon.
    Though its touch may scorch my very being,
    From its embers, healing ash descends,
    A balm to mend a shattered heart's lament.

    Through arduous nights and...

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  • Love Jinx

    You taught me to forget it all,
    The smiles and tears.
    Sorrow and regret,
    Love and care.

    Now I don't even care
    Surprised and scared
    You asked if you still
    Knew who I am.

    No you don't know me,
    You knew my past self,
    The version you toyed...

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  • Celestial Echoes

    "Let's meet," he said, after pining for years,

    The day finally arrived, my heart in tears.

    But reality struck as I glanced at my door,

    Flooding my senses, doubts started to pour.

    "What do the stars want?" I wondered aloud,

    How can love and hate, within,...

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  • "Guiding Love from Above: Honoring the Deceased...

    In honor of the father who's no longer here,
    We gather today, his presence we hold dear.
    Though his physical form may not be by our side,
    His spirit lives on, in our hearts it abides.

    On this special day, a bittersweet affair,
    We celebrate love, with memories we share.

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  • 10 Short Sweet Love Poems

    1. Your love is a melody,
       That soothes my weary soul.
       In your arms, I find solace,
       And feel completely whole.

    2. You are the sun that shines,
       Brightening my darkest days.
       With you, love feels infinite,

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  • "Embracing Love's Legacy: Remembering Beloved...

    In every step we take on this special day,
    We feel your presence, though you're far away.
    In our hearts, we hold your memory tight,
    As we celebrate love, in our joy and our light.

    Today, as we join our lives in matrimony,
    We remember you, our beloved, and your harmony.

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  • Chance


    You got a chance and used it well, 

    but from your perspective, not ours.

    You could've made everything right,

    now there is nothing to recover.

    Your selfishness got defined

    Once you made your decision

    You chose to make it more perplexed 


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  • The Beautiful Girl

    There was once a beautiful girl
    Who sat soaking up the sunlight.
    Daisies danced just next to her,
    Very much to my heart's delight.

    Often her brown eyes, through
    The crystal glasses would peep.
    And little did she know her glance
    Would venture into my heart, deep.


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  • Trapped

    The light's blue,
    I'm sitting on a stool
    In a bar,
    Staring at a bottle filled to the brim,
    Ice cubes clinking in the silence.

    I'm lost in thought,
    Wondering about what's not,
    Transfixed by an empty space,
    Remembering my past days.

    I'm reflecting on...

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  • Elsewhere

    This is not a feeling,
    But an emptiness that lingers,
    A heart that aches for touch
    And eyes that search for glimmers.

    A cry in anguish,
    Echoes through the night!
    The world spins on,
    But my heart feels light.

    I don't need to be polite,
    To beg for my...

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  • Sun Rises

    The sun rises in the east,
    But it's tinted with a sorrowful hue.
    The world is filled with anguish and strife,
    But there's still hope for me and you.

    We can choose to be hopeless pessimists,
    And give up on our dreams and goals.
    Or, we can choose to be hopeful optimists,

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  • Beauty of Life

    Each day feels like a struggle and I'm desperate for some help. I know that I can't do it alone so I reach out my hand, in the hope of finding someone to pour out my heart to and understand. 

    My mind is screaming, my emotions are running wild, my heart is breaking into little shards and...

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