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  • Buh I make you Laugh

    Whenever I'm around you,
    I feel like life's complete.
    I don't know what to say,
    But you make my heart beat.

    I'm scared to say hello,
    But it hurts to say good-bye.
    I've been hurt before,
    Now I feel like love's just a lie.

    You have beautiful eyes

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  • Save me.

    Le'me talk about my dreams.
    Le'me see if I consider myself worthy 
    Of the things Im denied,
    Of the things I'm yearning for.
    There's always something.
    The thing I lack, may be money or  confidence.

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  • Wings of Hope

    Wings of Hope

    Wasn't it yesterday, when
    I used to admire the sky?
    My smile, lost long ago,
    Now I just wonder why?

    Maybe I'm stuck in trap of life,
    Like a bird caged in aviary, 
    I don't know what to do.
    Marsh meadows grown all over,
    It has cut...

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  • The Sky.

    Look at this vast open sky.
    Today, it's blue.
    Tomorrow, perhaps a different hue.
    Dawning slightly red,
    While on setting an orange view,
    Sometimes white cover of cotton
    Or a starry dark blanket, that's never forgotten.

    No matter how varied these shades disperse,

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  • For so many reasons, I loved you,

    For so many reasons, I loved you,
    And for so many more, I achingly hate you.

    I loved you for your charming smile,
    For the way your laughter danced in the air.
    But now, I bear the weight of your deceit,
    And it fills my heart...

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  • Time Travel.

    Today, I tripped on an old photograph and fell into my past,
    My youth was hard to recognize but not impossible,
    I could make out the warmth that was lost to the winter of adulthood, the softness lost to the rough touches of time,
    But I could still see my eyes in hers,

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  • Old Love

    Back to worlds when love was pure,
    I wish to journey there to share it with you.

    Our eyes would meet through your delicate fabric veil,
    Before spoken words, language of smiles would prevail.
    Each glimpse of you, I'd cradle in my heart's embrace,
    Guarding your footprints...

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  • Let's run away

    Baby, let's run away 

    The guy you love is not in love with you, yes, you heard it right.

    Maybe it's all just a dream,

    Baby, it's better to wake from it.

    Maybe he was sending signals because he was bored,

    Maybe he was leading on because his heart...

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  • The End?

    "It's all hopeless now, 

    Time has deemed me its enemy, 

    The clock moves with hasty bursts of rage, 

    Causing my head to recoil in agony, 

    The days grow in and out of age, 

    Each a sooty scorching of my current page. 


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